Post: Psalm 13 – Vineyard Worship

G  D C   

Verse 1
                   Em                D                       C
When there’s sorrow in my heart, where do I go?
             Em                   D                  C
When I wrestle with my thoughts, how long do I have to wait?
When the darkness comes around me
                 Bm                  C2                  D C

And there’s nowhere left to hide, Hear my cry

Verse 2
              Em                     D                   C
When the laughter and the joy is stripped away
           Em                         C

And the silence in my heart is like a heavy weight
When I’m running through the darkness
           Bm                        C2                   D C
And my eyes can’t see your light, hear my cry, hear my cry

       G             D                 Em   D C
How long, how long for your mercy and your kingdom to come?
       G             D         C
How long, how long to wait?

C D Em  D

          C                     D     
I still rejoice in your salvation
      Em               D
And trust in your unfailing love  



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