Hi, I’m Nina Nevski and I wanna inspire you to
worship at the piano

I remember sitting on my couch as a kid… staring out the window and wanting to learn to play piano SO bad.


Not only that – I wanted to be close with God, wanted to be able to worship Him alone, wanted to be able to sing with friends and family.


My dad LOVED music, but said “no” to piano lessons, because of our financial situation.


I made a plan to learn piano by myself.


Started with all the notes and beats and confusing theory.


It was hard, but I actually was able to play some nursery rhymes! YEY (facepalm)


Then Something Happened


My friend came over and she really wanted to sing something with me while I play. And since I already knew how to play a little, I was pretty excited.


But that’s when I realized that…


I didn’t know how to play songs!


The whole reason I learned piano in the first place was to play songs and sing with the people in my life and worship – but I couldn’t even do that!


It was SO Heartbreaking!


I remember getting a chart of chords online and learning all the chords from a close friend.
There I was, finally able to play ANY song I wanted.


I was so happy and excited – I decided to join the church worship group right away!




I realized that I got thrown into so many different situations! For example…


I had to play transitions between songs…


Melodies during sermons and prayer…


AND I also wanted to play something that wouldn’t distract me from talking to God when I was alone in my room.


It was HARD.


I didn’t know what I needed to play half the time!


And the worst part was… that I felt so alone. Nobody really talked about ministering at the piano.


Fast forward to now… after being in ministry for over ten years, I can say that I learn A TON.


And my goal is to pass that knowledge on to you.


I want you to know EXACTLY what to play in ANY situation – and to play it beautifully.


That is the reason why I started this online ministry.


Enjoy the free tutorials and the extensive courses!

Worship at the Piano

From the very start, Worship Piano Tutorials started because of a surrendered life to Jesus. The goal here is to inspire musicians to play piano beautifully and be able to lead people into worship.

Renew your worship experience

at the piano