I used to believe this BIG LIE! 

During the time I felt stuck, I had friends that would show me simple ways to learn and play.

I wanna be that friend for YOU. And…

I wanna help you start learning ASAP.

I decided to give you an individual coupon code that will make it a little easier to begin.

And… tomorrow is the LAST DAY to use your coupon code!!! 

Play worship songs on piano

in just 30 minutes!

Learn worship songs inside the…

Basic Piano Course

A Simple, Four-Step Program to Get You to Play Songs on Piano.

Learn ALL the Keys
Learn ALL the Chords 
Learn How to Use the Pedal
Learn Pro Playing Patterns

Learn piano from home.
On your own schedule.

15 minutes, twice a day.

Testimonies from Students

To sum it up… here’s what you’ll get


Current Price: $160!!

I wanna teach you to play songs – but it 

requires your first step. To begin. 

I’m trying to make this step of “beginning” as easy as possible for you.


I’ve put together this bundle of bonuses, mentioned above – to get you to play ANY song.

And… I want to make this as risk-free as possible.

So, if you go through this course and still aren’t able to play songs – I will provide you with a full refund.

I want there to be NOTHING holding you back right now.

This is about you fulfilling this calling on your life.

And while you technically can go out there and learn piano on your own…

You’ll end up spending a lot of time piecing bits by bits together.

With my proven methods of learning – you’ll be guided on EACH step of the process – no guessing involved.

My students are always surprised that they’re able to play a song just after 30 minutes!

I take you from beginner into intermediate playing – where you actually sound like you’ve been playing for a while, even if you’ve never sat at a keyboard before.

The biggest difference between people who play piano and who don’t is that those who play piano actually made the first step, and the others keep overthinking it.

How is this different?

Here’s how you’ll start learning

1. Enroll into the Basic Piano Course

2. Watch each video lesson and Practice!

3. Play ANY song, and worship at the piano

Let me answer a few common questions…

This course is for a person who doesn’t know the piano chords. You’ll learn all the keys (names of all the piano buttons), chords (multiple buttons pressed at the same time), and how to use the pedal (the par that makes your sound prolong and not sound cut-off) and how to playing patterns that get you to sound beautiful!

If you know music notes and want to learn the system of chord playing – this is for you! If you know SOME piano keys but not sure how to put them into chords – this is for you.

After purchasing the course, you will receive and email with your username and password. You will be able to login in on the “sign in” portion of this website. Once you are inside your account page, you will see the courses and lessons you have purchased and will be able to access the video lessons and any documents inside the units.

This depends on the type of learner you are. Some students learn one module, one day at a time and are able to complete the entire course within one week. Others, like to spend one week on a given module to solidify their learning. It truly depends on you and how you will apply the things you learn.

The eBook and lesson documents are all in downloadable PDF format. You will not receive them in the mail, but you can easily print them and have them near your piano. Some students choose to get it printed at a local Staples or any other printing place and use it as a book!

If you know the piano chords already – this course will be too easy for you.

Rather, you would greatly benefit from the Piano Ministry Course HERE that teaches different style of playing in different situations.

This is purely up to you. There have been students who were very nervous about giving this a try and ended up loving it. They were able to learn and re watch the learning videos at any time they wanted, as much as they wanted. They also liked the fact that they can pause and play whenever they see the need.

Here’s a full breakdown of the course…