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Why are people rushing to enroll their kids with this piano program? The success stories are incredible.

By Bemnet Polith | Education | February 9th, 2023


This easy piano method has gone viral among parents and grandparents of young children. We wanted to find out why…

For the past century, parents have been spending over $17,000 per kid on piano lessons in the elementary and middle school years.

However, many parents are wondering WHY their child starts to AVOID the piano at all costs after completing their piano education.

But now, one piano method is turning the piano lesson industry upside down.

This new piano method found a way to get a child to play songs on piano without spending year and years on piano theory and playing repetitive scales, which tend to push kids away from enjoying the actual instrument. 

What is This Piano Method?


Meet Kids’ Piano Academy

Founded by a team of school music teachers who are experts in piano education. They joined forces to create one of the most impressive piano methods that bring children results RIGHT AWAY.

A Simple Mission: Kids’ Piano academy wanted to combine some of the crucial piano theory, note knowledge, and rhythm, in a fun interactive way that teaches kids through songs.

It feels natural for your child to simply play songs – all while learning the crucial elements of music education.

Kids’ Piano Academy isn’t just like any other piano method. Yes, it teaches piano theory, song playing, and rhythm – which are all great to have. But in my opinion, Kids’ Piano Academy has a lot of features that make it perfect for this young generation of children.

These features stand out from other piano programs because they actually encourage your child to build a LIFE-LONG love for music, unlike traditional piano lessons.

What Makes Kids Piano Academy so Popular?


It’s the curriculum video lessons that make it so unique.

Instead of traditional in-person lessons where the child forgets what he learned the next day – students of Kids’ Piano Academy are welcome to pause, re-watch, and practice ANY lesson.

And because each lesson is packed with an interactive light-up piano and stories that kids crave so much – the concepts are easy-to-remember and build on each other in a staircase model.

They didn’t just make video lessons though – they actually MAIL you a curriculum kit that includes deeply thought-through learning materials that solidify concepts taught inside the lessons.

What is inside the curriculum kit and why does it work so well for kids?


Traditional piano lessons tend to kill kid’s creativity at the piano in the long run. And unfortunately, parents don’t see anything wrong with the lessons until it’s too late and their child no longer wants to play – EVER.

Instead of focusing on repetitive tasks and playing the piano scales over and over till perfection – Kids’ Piano Academy focuses on bringing the TRUE art of music into playing piano. Itside the curriculum kit, you’ll find the learning materials that bring music to life and bring excitement to piano learning.

What else does Kids’ Piano Academy Offer?

More than you might suspect!


When looking at reviews, there are a few features that stand out as the reason why so many parents are extremely satisfied with their child’s piano playing abilities after the program.

☑ Kids’ Piano Academy Video Lessons

☑ Student Dashboard Accessible from Any Device 24/7

☑ Digital Copy of Kid’s Piano Academy eBook

☑ Kids’ Piano Songbook

☑ Kid’s Piano Songbook Tutorial Library

☑ Printable Sticker Chart

☑ Box of 56 Piano Flash Cards

☑ Physical Spiral-bound 126 page Lesson & Activity Book

☑ USA-Made Goodie “Surprise” Bag that rewards your student for completing each chapter

☑ Cardstock Certificate of Completion

☑ Sand Timer

For nearly all of us, these are the most important features. They made it so that you can enjoy listening to your child play piano beautifully, KNOWING that he/she enjoys every minute of playing.

Kids’ Piano Academy is essentially apremium piano program that gives you all the features of traditional piano lessons WITH the innovative online access.

What do Others Think?

“I sent my older two kids to piano lessons and after I had more kids, I just couldn’t do the whole “mom taxi” thing each week. Decided to give this online learning a try and my last two (the ones who never went to lessons) are more creative at the piano than the first two! I am still in awe when I hear them playing and coming up with their own songs – something my first two NEVER did.” – Scarlette Johnson

“I grew up in a musical family and have always wanted my daughter to play the piano! I always planned to send her to traditional lessons, but during this pandemic, I decided to have her learn at home with this kids program and it’s only been a couple months and she’s already playing so many kids songs, as well as her own songs that she came up with. I honestly didn’t think piano could be made SO simple for kids.” – Britteny Lowe

“My son LOVES the interactive lesson style! He actually prefers watching this over his favorite cartoons sometimes. It’s definitely made him so much more interested in the piano – especially when he found out that he can play ‘Baby Shark’ for his younger brother!”

How much does Kids’ Piano Academy Cost?

If you look at the features of Kids’ Piano Academy, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a pricetag of up to $4,500, which would still be lower than the average cost for a child to finish music school ($17,000).

That’s why we’re stunned to learn that the enrollment cost for this course is only $997 (thanks to a 78% off promo ending soon).

Click here to Enroll Your Child (if Spots are Still Available)

How can they charge so little?

Since Kids’ Piano Academy is a direct-to-consumer academy, they spend no money on advertising.

They only accept enrollment applications online so they can cut out any middle-man (like traditional piano schools) who pick up the prices based on the rent cost, teacher salaries, advertising costs, etc.

Should I enroll my child now or should I wait?

If your child is Kindergarten level or higher – it’s time to enroll now. Because Kids’ Piano Academy focuses on the child’s success and actually grades each student’s work – they are limiting the amount of students per enrollment period.

And the promotion price is amazing for such a high-level piano program that will get your child to play songs by notes AND by chords. They will also learn to create their own melodies while playing chords with the left hand (something that they learn only in very high-level music classes). And unfortunately, this promotion price won’t last long. We say, definitely, enroll your child before the price goes up – it’s a no-brainer!

It also makes a great present for nieces, nephews, grandkids, and younger siblings.

Where can I enroll?

You can enroll on their official website here

Click the green button to see if there are still spots available 

As of January 9th, 2023: Ever since Kids’ Piano Academy was on major international media, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated. Due to it’s popularity and positive reviews, the piano academy is so confident in their piano method that they are now offering a one-time, first student 78% discount.

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